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  • [ News ] The new ancient items arrived! APR 08, 2012
  • [ News ] Welcome to Emerald MU Online. FEB 15, 2012
  • [ News ] Server restarted. Important! FEB 15, 2012
  • [ Notice ] Why Emerald MU is better choice for standing game? FEB 15, 2012

  • 2 LVL Ancients arrived!
  • We are glad to announce you that we have added the second level ancient items.
    The items are also available as godlike (ancient + F.O.).
    You can find price list in our Web Shop - here.
    There are new ancient items for all characters.

  • Welcome to Emerald MU Online
  • We wish you a pleasant stay in our server.

    Why Emerald MU?
    - 24/7 fast dedicated server without any lag!
    - Advanced anti-cheat (MuGuard licensed) (NO HACKS)!
    - Years of experience and long term.
    - Unique functions, website and game feautired.
    - Balanced PVP.
    - Players from all over the world!

    We can offer you fast dedicated Long term MU server without any lags and more...

    Server basic information
    - Experience: 999999x
    - Drop rate: 99%
    - Version: Season 3 Episode 1
    - Box of kundun in shop: +1 +2 +3 +4
    - Points per level: 5/7 (normal)
    - Godlike items: Ancient + Excellent F.O.
    - New character bonus points: 1000
    - After reset: Keep items and stats
    - Bless bug: ON
    - Jewels in shop: Bless, Soul, Creation, Harmony, Guardian
    - Wings in shop: 2 LVL
    - All quests & event are working

    Extra information
    Emerald MU was first launched at November 28, 2008.
    At 15 February 2012 the server was restarted for first and last time.
    We offer you qualitatively MMORPG experience without bugs or lags.

    Server advanced information
    - Dedicated website and server host. Without any lag.
    - Active email support.
    - 4 Game Servers: 2x PVP, 1 NonPVP and 1 Siege
    - Balanced PVP.
    - Advanced anti-cheat system. Licensed MuGuard
    - 100 Mbps Line
    - UPS system (~30 minutes)
    - 24/7 Online

    Available commands
    - /reset - Restart your character. 400 level & 3 Jewels of chaos required.
    - /post - Sent message on the post chat.
    - /request off or /re off - Deny all requests from players.
    - /request on or /re on - Allow all requests from players.

    All other commands are simply available, when you press the "D" button.

    Success rates:
    - Upgrade items +10,+11,+12,+13: 99% (not 100%).
    - Chaos combination for wings 2 LVL: 99%
    - Chaos combination for wings 3 LVL: 80%
    - Wings + HP chance: 40%
    - Jewel of soul & bless: 100%
    - Jewel of life success rate: 100%

    Events information:
    - Blood Castle: every hour
    - Chaos Castle: every hour
    - Devil Square: every hour
    - Castle Siege: Working. Scheduled every week
    - Cry Wolf - every day at 20:30h (Bulgarian time)
    - Golden invasion - every hour
    - Happy Hour event - once per day
    - Hit and up event - once per day
    - Aida invasion - Custom event by the administrator

    Donation methods:
    - PayPal (worldwide).
    - Western Union (worldwide).
    - Money Gram (worldwide).
    - MoneyBookers (worldwide).
    - Bank transfer (worldwide).
    - Automatic SMS service (available in more than 50 countries).
    - ZayPay SMS/CALL service

    Free Web Shop credits via:
    - Vote reward system
    - Exchange online hours for credits
    - Forum events

    Full client download mirrors: HERE, HERE.
    Small client download mirrors: HERE, HERE, or HERE.
    Small client download (no installation): HERE.

    Help center: support@emeraldmu.com
    Forum: Click here
    ...and it's getting better!

  • Why Emerald MU ?

    A lot of people think - Why you choose Season 3 server?
    There are so many season 4,5 and 6 servers.

    1. Emerald MU is server, who attact Season 3 MU players from all around the world. Players, who prefer the original and bugless Season 3 than the other versions.
    With the years dedicated to Emerald MU we have professional experience in the MU Online area.
    We are working hard to provide the best quality YOU deserve!

    2. Emerald MU is running since 2008 without wipe.
    Emerald MU was first launched at November 28, 2008.
    At 15 February 2012 the server was restarted for first and last time in order to provide you bug free and lagless gaming area!

    Our servers are monitored 24/7.
    We host Emerald MU from dedicated server machine with Quad core, lots of GB Ram memory and Hard Drive. The server machine is used only for the server and nothing else.
    Dedicated host for our website (emeraldmu.com) located in U.S.A / Burlington.
    Backups to flash device & mirror server every day to keep your accounts safe!
    UPS system to run the server over 2 hours, if there is no power.
    4 MU Online gaming servers free for all players.

    3. Fresh database. New start!
    - Recently the server was restarted!
    - Everyone can start from the beginning.
    - Fresh database. No bugs, no lags, no hacks!

    4. If you like the high rates of the game.
    - Easy to make full stats character, and start your fights!
    - Battles, Guild wars, PK duels, PK events, Soccer.
    - To fight with your team for the weekly Castle Siege battle!

    5. Because we can offer you:
    - Active email support at any time.
    - Active community forums.
    - 24/7 Online gaming servers.

    Join us now!

  • Fresh start. No questions. That's it!

    The last few weeks we had serious problems caused of our huge and database.
    After a lot of hours hard work fixing and resolving problems we decided that the best for the server will be "A new beginning".
    We decided to restart Emerald MU for first and last time!
    All players now have chance to for a new start without any problems, bugs or lags.

    Probably many of you will be disappointed, because of the restart.
    Look at good side. We will play our favorite server without bugs and lags.
    All players will start from the beginning. More action, more battles, more events, more fun!
    Grand Reset event, Mass credits reward, PVP events, Grand Castle Siege are just part from the surprises we'll offer you next days!

    To start playing, please register your account from HERE.

    How to retrieve items from donation? Read!
    Sent email to support@emeraldmu.com
    Your email must contain the following information:
    - Donation date.
    - MTCN number (for Western Union) or transaction ID (for PayPal).
    - List with all lost items from your donation.
    - Your account name.

    For SMS (only sent this year):
    - Your old and new account name.
    - Your country.

    If you do not follow these instructions we WILL NOT respond to your email.
    If your email is not at English we WILL NOT respond you.
    If you sent us more than 1 email we WILL NOT respond you.

    Please follow those instructions and write us clear and understandable mail.
    We will be able to respond to your emails within 48 hours.
    Thank you for staying with Emerald MU!

    All the best,
    Emerald MU Team



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10: April 11 2012

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    Server name: Emerald MU
    Version: Season 3 Bugless
    High EXP: 999999999x
    Drop rate: 99%
    Box in shop: +1 +2 +3 +4
    Anti-Cheat: MuGuard Premium
    Host: Dedicated 100mb/s
    Host location: Bulgaria & U.S.A.
    Account registration: Open
    Godlike items: Yes
    Free credits: Yes
    Donate for credits: Yes
    SMS for credits: Yes
    Web Shop: Yes
    Bless bug: On

    Game servers:
    Server 1 (PVP): Online
    Server 2 (Non PVP): Online
    Server 3 (PVP): Online
    Server 4 (Siege): Online

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Siege status: Online
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